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Six Decades Collecting Self-Taught Art: Revealing a Diverse and Rich Artistic Narrative

November 11, 2020–January 2, 2022

The inaugural exhibition in the Audrey B. Heckler Gallery conveys the Museum’s commitment to studying, preserving, and sharing the complexity, ingenuity, and historical relevance of self-taught art across time, cultures, and place.


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Current Exhibition

American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds

June 23, 2021–January 2, 2022

American Weathervanes: The Art of the Winds reveals the beauty, historical significance, and technical virtuosity of American vanes fashioned between the eighteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Sam Doyle


January 21, 2022–September 5, 2022

Conceiving art-making and collecting as aligned creative processes, Multitudes highlights both acts of identity-formation and world-building, drawing on the array of voices, identities, and experiences contained within AFAM’s deep holdings. Non-chronological by design, the show’s organization will echo these underlying creative strategies through distinctive visual contrasts, comparisons, and clusters that reveal the Museum’s fundamental structure as a collection of collections.

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