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Highlights from Self-Taught Genius

September 27, 2017–February 8, 2018

The new Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Long Island City launches with a selection of icons from the landmark exhibition Self-Taught Genius: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum, which toured nationally from 2014 to 2017. Generously supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, both the new gallery and the namesake exhibition shows folk and self-taught art from the eighteenth through twenty-first centuries drawn from the museum’s collection of more than 8,000 works of art.

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Vestiges & Verse: Notes from the Newfangled Epic

January 21, 2018–May 27, 2018

Vestiges & Verse: Notes from the Newfangled Epic unites more than two hundred and fifty works by twenty-one seminal and recently discovered self-taught artists, who will be introduced for the first time through the examination of the idiosyncratic structures of their lifelong, intricate narratives—notably, their sequential and developing aspects. Rare manuscripts, series of drawings, illustrated notebooks with coded texts, expanding cartography, journals, and multi-part collages will provide an art historical and pluridisciplinary perspective on the mechanisms behind visual storytelling.

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Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art

January 21, 2014–December 31, 2016

February 4–April 29, 2018, at Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida

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