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Symposia & Lectures
08 Oct 2014

Making the Invisible Visible: Willem van Genk's Mapping of Modern Life

A discussion examining Willem van Genk’s oeuvre through multiple prisms, including graphic novels and the larger contemporary art world. Led by Ans van Berkum, leading scholar on van Genk, Dr. Valérie Rousseau, curator, art of the self-taught and art brut, American Folk Art Museum, Patrick Allegaert, curator, Museum Dr. Guislain, Ben Katchor, artist and MacArthur Fellow, and artist Keith Mayerson. Dan Mazur moderated the discussion.


Image: UNTITLED (WORLD AIRPORT), Willem van Genk (1927–2005), The Hague, Netherlands, 1965, mixed media on assembled millboards, 44 3/4 x 46 3/4″, collection Foundation Willem van Genk, Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent, 210302106. Photo by Guido Suykens, Ghent.