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Plan Your Visit
Before You Visit the Museum

Learn about exhibitions that will be on view during your visit to determine what might interest you and your child.

Talk about the kinds of things your child might expect to see in an art museum: what are their expectations, and what do they already know about painting, sculpture, or quilts?

Consider joining us for a Families & Folk Art program on a first Saturday.

Be mindful not to see too much in one visit. Depending on your child’s age, aim for 30 to 60 minutes in the galleries.

Plan Your Visit
Tips for Looking at Art Together as a Family

Learn about our suggestions for asking questions, activities, choosing themes, and more.

Learn more

Plan Your Visit
In the Galleries

The museum offers free Family Guides for families to use together in the galleries; please check with our welcome desk attendant for a free copy and pencil to use as you explore the exhibitions together! Or, if you prefer to sketch on your own, please note that only pencils are permitted in the galleries. Pens and other coloring materials should stay at home.

Plan Your Visit
Strollers and Coat Check

Baby strollers are permitted in all museum galleries. Alternately, you may choose to bring a carrier, and collapse strollers to store in the coat check area or adjacent to the locker area. Backpacks and larger bags must be left in the museum lockers.

More Information

To learn more about planning your visit, the Families & Folk Art program, and special intergenerational events, please contact the Learning and Engagement department at

Partner Organization
Cool Culture

The American Folk Art Museum is a cultural partner to the non-profit organization Cool Culture so that thousands of New York City families can visit and actively engage with the museum’s collection and participate in family programs, free of charge.

More about our partner organization: Cool Culture helps over 50,000 income-eligible families access and enjoy 90 of NYC’s world-class cultural institutions for free, providing children with experiences that improve literacy and learning. Cool Culture partners with the city’s finest cultural institutions to ensure that all families, regardless of income, can tap into the rich New York City cultural pipeline and provide their children with experiences critical to school success. Providing arts access opens the gateway to a world of culture and discovery for Cool Culture families. For many of the families of low-income, participating in Cool Culture serves as the first introduction they have to the city’s cultural institutions.

Participate in a program and learn about folk art!