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31 Jan 2015

Uncommon Artists Lecture: Emery Blagdon & His Healing Machine


Join documentary film director Kelly Rush for a provocative discussion following a screening of her 27-minute documentary on the life and art of Emery Blagdon (1907–1986). Born in Callaway, Nebraska, Blagdon worked on the family farm and on horse ranches as a young man. After the early deaths of his parents and sister from protracted illnesses, he created what he called a “healing machine,” a series of hanging objects and paintings he believed could harness magnetic and electric healing energy. Composed of recycled materials including glass, copper wire, tinfoil, beads, and vials of various elemental substances, Blagdon referred to the ever-growing installation as his “pretties,” adding new parts for more than thirty years.

Ms. Rush, an artist herself and a longtime producer for NET Television in Lincoln, Nebraska, will also share new discoveries and information not included in the film. Art critic and poet John Yau will provide commentary on Blagdon’s life. A discussion with the audience will follow the presentations.