Symposia & Lectures
Uncommon Artists
Uncommon Artists: A Series of Cameo Talks—The Anne Hill Blanchard Symposium is held each winter in conjunction with the Outsider Art Fair. At the forefront of introducing underappreciated artists to a larger public, this annual program examines creativity within a personal, aesthetic, and cultural context. Organized by Lee Kogan.
Uncommon Artists XX January 29, 2012
Jubilation|Rumination: Life, Real and Imagined, by Stacy C. Hollander • Howard Finster, by Carol Crown • Aloïse Corbaz and Morris Hirshfield, by Charles Russel • Henry Darger, by Jane Kallir

Uncommon Artists XIX February 3, 2011
Clementine Hunter, by Thomas Whitehead • Michael Patterson-Carver, by Laurel Gitlen • Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, by Brett Littman • Gordon Brinckle, by Kendall Messick

Uncommon Artists XVIII February 6, 2010
Dorothy Iannone, by Jarrett Gregory • Self-taught artists and the Museum of Modern Art, by Esther Adler • Timothy Wehrle, by Shari Cavin • George Widener, by Scott Ogden

Uncommon Artists XVII January 10, 2009
Ernest “Popeye” Reed, by Mike Noland and Jeff Way • Janet Sobel, by Gary Snyder • Henry Speller, by Edward M. Puchner • Jimmy Lee Sudduth, by Susan Mitchell Crawley

Uncommon Artists XVI January 26, 2008
The History of the Prinzhorn-Collection, by Thomas Röske • Ed Nelson, by Peter Hastings Falk • Herbert Singleton, by Andy P. Antippas • Albert Zahn, by Leslie Umberger

Uncommon Artists XV January 27, 2007
Felipe Jesús Consalvos, by John Ollman • Current Residents of Art/Brut Center, Gugging, Austria, by Nina Katschnig • Charley, Noah, and Hazel Kinney, by Adrian Swain • Mártin Ramírez, by Víctor M. Espinosa

Uncommon Artists XIV January 28, 2006
Roy Ferdinand, by Regenia Perry • Donald Mitchell, by Cheryl Rivers • Martin Thompson, by Stuart E. Shepherd • Carlo Zinelli, by Phyllis Kind

Uncommon Artists XIII January 29, 2005
Collage and Photography-based Artworks, by John Turner • Thornton Dial Sr., by Jane Livingston • Louis Monza, by Susan C. Larsen • Domenico Zindato, by Edward M. Gomez

Uncommon Artists XII January 24, 2004
Eddie Arning, by Pam Sachant • Autistic Spectrum Artists, by Pam Rogers and Margaret Bodell • Sister Gertrude Morgan, by William Fagaly • Christine Sefolosha, by Roger Cardinal

Uncommon Artists XI January 25, 2003
Arthur Bispo do Rosário, by Beate Echols • Charting Religious Texts, by Carol Crown • Bernard Goodman on himself • Wilhelm van Genk, by Colin Rhodes

Uncommon Artists X January 26, 2002
Curtiss Cuffie and Anthony Domingues, by Tom Patterson • Emanuel Navratil and Josef Karl Radler, by Jane Kallir • Joseph Yoakum, by Mark Pascale • Anna Zemánková, by Annie Carlano

Uncommon Artists IX January 27, 2001
Henry Darger, by Michael Bonesteel • Charles A.A. Dellschau, by Tracy Baker-White • Bessie Harvey, by Jenifer P. Borum • Renée Stout on herself

Uncommon Artists VIII January 29, 2000
Felipe Archuleta, by Michael Hall • Ronald Lockett, by Paul Arnett • Kevin Blythe Sampson, by Brooke Davis Anderson • August Walla, by Johann Feilacher

Uncommon Artists VII January 23, 1999
Creating the Outsider, by John Beardsley • Nicholas Herrera, by Chuck Rosenak • Eddie Kendrick, by Alice Yelen • Edgar Tolson, by Julia Ardery

Uncommon Artists VI January 24, 1998
James Castle, by John Ollman • Nek Chand, by John Maizels • Chris Hipkiss, by Richard Klein • Grandma Moses, by Jane Kallir

Uncommon Artists V January 1997
Sam Doyle, by Regenia Perry • Ken Grimes, by Roger Ricco and Frank Maresca • Sister Gertrude Morgan, by William A. Fagaly • Prison Art, by Phyllis Kornfeld

Uncommon Artists IV January 27, 1996
Joseph Ferdinand Cheval and Le Palais Idéal, by Barbara Cate • Ralph Fasanella, by Paul D’Ambrosio • Film Premiere of Reverend Howard Finster: The Sacred Vision • Keith Goodhart, by Randall Morris • Jamaican Intuitives Everald Brown, Leonard Daley, and Ras Dizzy, by Wayne Cox

Uncommon Artists III January 28, 1995
William Blayney, by David Owsley • James Hampton, by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan • Danielle Jacquis, by Ann Oppenhimer • Seraphiné Louis, by Roger Cardinal • Achilles G. Rizzoli, by Bonnie Grossman

Uncommon Artists II January 29, 1994
Chelo Amézcua, by Mickey Cartin • Emery Blagdon, by Dan Dryden • Thornton Dial Sr., by Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) • Grottos and Environments of the Midwest, by Lisa Stone • William Hawkins, by Gary J. Schwindler • Lonnie Holley, by Bruce Lineker

Uncommon Artists I January 30, 1993
Martín Ramírez, J.B. Murry, and Rosemary Koczÿ, by Phyllis Kind • Reflections from a Collector, by Herbert Waide Hemphill Jr. • Ellis Ruley, by Glenn Smith • Jon Serl, by Didi Barrett • La Tinaia San Salvi, by Dana Mensi • Mose Tolliver, by Lee Kogan • Visionary Environments Outside the United States, by John Maizels • Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, by Russell Bowman